Affordable Piano Lessons Singapore

Welcome to Musical Studio! We offer fun, affordable individual and group piano lessons in Singapore for students of all Ages.


Affordable Piano Lessons Singapore

In Musical Studio, we provide a warm and encouraging atmosphere and a team of experienced piano teachers who strive to provide you or your child with the highest quality piano lessons. Our lessons are tailored to your individual goals. You can choose to play the piano for leisure or graded courses. We provide the best piano teacher in Singapore at an affordable price.

As a Singapore Music School, we are well aware that when a prospected customer reaches our hotline, the first thing that the student will ask is about the piano lessons price. This is the common point of consideration when people are looking for a piano teacher in Singapore. It is essential to have an access to an affordable piano lesson and not the cheapest piano lessons. WE do not want to compromise the piano lesson price with the quality of our piano teacher.



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Piano Lesson Rates

Pricing table is for reference only. The school reserves the right to change the price without prior notice.

** Pricing table is for reference only. The school reserves the right to change the price without prior notice.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Music School for Piano Lessons

Here are some of the factors and attributes of the music school in Singapore that you should consider ensuring that the student is getting the best music education that he deserves.

The Cost

Cost is the first thing that people ask, probably due to the demand in our economy. Looking for a music school is not like shopping for canned goods in your local grocery store. You cannot simply compare the extensive and profound experience of an authorized and professional teacher at a renowned music school to the 18-year old instructor in your neighbourhood. Someone can play the piano well, but that does not necessarily mean that he has the skills to teach. The teacher should be more than just an instructor; he should also be an adviser, counsellor, mentor, coach. You should never choose someone who offers you the cheapest price but has no experience in teaching the piano.

The Focus of the School and Teacher

There are schools that are situated near or within the music stores. They may provide you with music lesson, but their primary aim is to sell musical instruments. The teachers who are instructing in these facilities are commonly making a small income on teaching, and most of their income comes from their commission when they encouraged their students to buy music items. Choose a teacher that is dedicated and specializing in an affordable piano lesson. Musical Studio’s teachers commonly have an area of expertise.

The Location

The students should consider the convenient location of their music school when looking for piano lessons in Singapore. The location is important, but this should not just be your point of consideration. Our music school is located in central and 10 minutes walk from MRT station.

Finally, the music school that you will choose should also be a motivator to help you stay engaged with the lesson. Understand the style in teaching and the personality of your teacher when looking for an affordable piano lesson. Singapore students will understand that the personality of their teacher plays a significant role in fulfilling their goal.

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