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Musical Studio is music school in Singapore that offers Violin, Piano, Cello, Guitar, Music Theory and Kids’ Musicianship courses. Our teachers are experienced and committed musicians with high qualifications. All courses, from beginner to advanced, intend to cultivate the technical skills required to play the respective instruments. We also aim to prepare students for exams, auditions, performances, and competitions. Our teacher’s intentions are to enable students to understand and perform music as an actual art, by exposing them to its beauty.

Our mission to be the Best Music School in Singapore

We believe Music lessons should be fun, and there is no way you can compare them to a biology class. The best music school Singapore should be well-equipped with different instruments such as pianos, violins, and guitars among others. The feedback from the students should be positive, it should have a great reputation, the teachers should be certified and passionate to teach. Our teachers are mainly qualified musician who is patient to teach for all ages.

Why us ?

When you are looking for the best music school Singapore, remember this is an investment that you are making and should be made in a reputable school. There are many things to consider that include teachers’ qualifications, hands-on experience and the cost among others. The quality of the studio is important as personal practice is a must if you are to obtaining the required learning experience. Musical Studio is the right choice for you.



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