Flute Lessons Singapore

The flute is one of the old musical instruments that have been used to make music wonderful and pleasing. It is very hard to blow air inside as you interchange your fingers’ placement on the holes to create an astonishing melody. It is a skill that cannot be acquired simple and a lot of training is needed to ensure that you become a professional flute player. Musical Studio is offering flute lessons in Singapore to ensure that your flute playing skills become competent and certified so that you can play it anywhere with anyone. From the tender steps to the complex skills, the course or lessons would nurture you to become that professional you have always been looking forward to being.

Components of Flute Playing Lessons

You would be first taught the fundamental skills of flute playing to ensure that you are fully prepared for the whole course. This includes posture, how to handle the flute and the various types of flutes available. These initial teachings are important because they would make you become a professional and display the difference between you and the normal flute player who has not undergone any training.

Extensive Finger Training

Flute playing competence is determined by how you place your fingers on the holes. To make sure that you become reliable and competent flute player, you need to learn extensively how to place your fingers to create a meaningful melody that would rhyme with the music. It is not that hard by making your finger reflexes to adapt to the flute requirements could be somehow difficult. The finger placement plus proper control is what would lead you to play the instrument perfectly and professional. Controlling the intensity of your breath and ensuring that you place your fingers on the holes as required is what flute lessons Singapore offer to people.

Creating melody variations and cord study would be taught to the trainee to ensure trainee becomes able to play the flute with regard to the type of music being played. It is not an easy task which is why maximum practice is needed before one becomes fully competent and reliable. The teachers are highly experienced, and they would draft individualized training sessions with regard to your quickness in learning the flute so that you learn concepts perfectly. The teachers have all the tools required, and you would be taken through a series of practical sessions for you to improve your expertise.

Our Flute lessons Singapore teach people about musical phrasing and expression so that you become fully conversant with the principles of the flute to create wonderful music always. The training also includes music reading and ear training to make you a fully trained flute player who can play the flute on any kind of music.

The training involves a lot of type of music genres so that you become able to play the flute on any music that you want. Let the experienced teachers impose the professionalism in you so that you become fully recognized as the best flute player.



Flute Lesson Fee

Pricing table is for reference only. The school reserves the right to change the price without prior notice.