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Elena Metodieva, a Bulgarian pianist, attained her Master’s Degree in piano from the State Academy of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria. Proceeding her graduation, she became an Assistant Professor in Chamber Music and Piano at the State Academy of Music as well as the National Academy of Theatre and Cinema in Sofia, Bulgaria. She broadened her proficiency by participating in a two year Master Class in Chamber Music at the State Academy of Music in Sofia, Bulgaria. Later in 1999, she took part in a Master Class centered around French Music and supervised by Jermain Mounie.

Elena has played the piano in numerous concerts: playing in both chamber music ensembles and as a soloist in her own recitals or as a soloist with orchestras in cities like Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Singapore, and Thailand. She has performed pieces for the Bulgarian National Radio and Television as well as for Radio Berlin. In 2007, at Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore, as a soloist with Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra, Elena performed the Concerto for Left Hand by M. Ravel.

Additionally, Elena Metodieva has been awarded prizes for the music she composed for puppet shows that performed and toured in the countries of Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Germany, Romania, Moldova, and Spain.

In 2006, Elena started teaching the Piano in Singapore, and currently she is a Piano teacher employed by Musical  Studio.


Diana Kostova has been playing the Piano since the age of 5. She enrolled in the Music High School in Varna, Bulgaria, and later graduated with a Master of Music Degree at the National Academy of Music in Bulgaria. She pursued her postgraduate studies at the Peabody Conservatory at John Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, graduating with a Diploma in Music Performance. She has performed across three continents and continues to be active in the local music scene.

Diana has over 15 years of experience teaching Piano and Music Theory in USA, Singapore, and Europe. The diverseness of these environments has created the opportunity for her to challenge her students with new ideas and interesting repertoires. She is experienced in guidance, encouragement, nurturing creativity, and bases her teaching style on these qualities.

Diana is an Organist at the Trinity Methodist Church, and a member of the American Guild of Organists, in Singapore. There, she teaches Piano, Organ, and Music Theory.

Currently, Diana is a Piano and Music Theory teacher at Musical Studio.