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Violin Lessons For Kids Singapore

Research has shown that learning violin at a young age has a lot of benefit for the kid brain and IQ development. When learning the violin, the left-hand grip can develop thinking around the kid’s brain, so that the child is more intelligent. The learning process can also improve the child’s ability to pay attention to things. This is why many parents are looking for violin lessons for kids in Singapore. Learning Violin is a good choice for kids because the violin is small in size, lightweight and easy for kids to carry along.

Violin Lessons for Toddlers Singapore

Playing The Violin needs a lot of fingers movement, violin lessons for toddlers will normally start with exercising their fingers muscle. Musical Studio only accepts students from the age of 4 year old as we believe that the fingers for younger kids are still small and the strength is not enough to hold and play the violin properly. However, the parents can prepare their babies to contact with simple music theory, cultivate interest in music, enjoy music, singing, dance and so on.

What is the best age for kids to learn Violin?

General Violin 5 to 12 years old is the best age to learn, 15 years old is also very suitable, but the key is to master the correct learning methods and perseverance will certainly learn the violin.
Chinese and foreign violinist age mostly in the 4-6 years old, there are individual players to 7-8 years old began to the violin.
As long as the child’s hand function is normal and the hands are not too small, they can start learning violin at the year of 4.


Although the violin seems simple, for a young kid to learn it really is not easy! It is not like the piano as sitting and playing, the violin playing not only need to stand to pull, and left and right-hand action asymmetry, left hand by the string, right-hand bow, The palm of your hand has to turn to the left – because it is not a common action in life, the small kid will feel more difficult to play; Second, the violin pitch more difficult to find, it is not like a piano, keyboard or tube music, a keyboard or button, violin The pitch is entirely by the player’s sensitive ears and the feeling of the fingers; in the beginner stage, the violin like “sawing wood” like pull the string, it is not very easy to mention the baby’s interest.
The age of the child also determines his ability to accept and the ability to learn, so parents to choose a good violin teacher is very critical. In addition to the violin playing skills, the violin teacher also needs to have Great patience and love. In fact, many children through the beginner of the tempered often will be violin unique emotional charm moved, and from the heart to love it.
In Musical Studio, most of our students started their violin journey with our friendly violin teachers at the young age. There are many happy parents and students who grow with us.



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