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When you see and hear a violinist, it is most likely the most beautiful and recognized instrument. Musical Studio is a high-quality music school offers Violin courses and teachers will have surprising benefits for children and adults alike.

Simply being able to play the most widely recognized instrument around the world and being able to provide beautiful music is most likely the only benefit that comes to mind. However, there are numerous physical, mental and social benefits to be had when learning and taking violin lessons that the music schools offer.

If you desire to take violin lessons in Singapore music school, Musical Studio is located in the city and near the Kallang MRT station. You can even have an experienced and influential violin teacher come to your home if you so desire. There are many benefits to learning to play the violin that will last a lifetime.

Violin Strings SingaporeWhich Violin Strings are the best? Our school will provide the guide to choose the Violin Strings that are suitable for the students. Our committed violin teacher can also help to source and choose a good Violin String accordingly to your budget.



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Special Benefits of Learning to Play the Violin

Mental Benefits

When taking violin lessons in Singapore schools and teachers will expect you to practice long hours. This creates an increased sense of self-discipline and learning what true perseverance is. As you increase your ability to play the violin, you are also increasing your drive, self-discipline, and perseverance in other areas of your life.

As you work your way through learning to play the violin your violin lessons  teacher will expect extreme focus on learning and translating notes. As you focus on analyzing notes, it will increase your muscle memory as you become more proficient at understanding how to play without sheet music.

Physical Benefits

When you are taking violin lessons courses, and teachers most likely will teach you proper posture first and foremost. It is important to sit up straight which will improve your upper body strength immensely. With improved upper body strength you will notice as you continue to learn to play the violin your arms are much stronger and your fingers are much more flexible.

With increased muscle flexibility and strength, your fine motor skills are greatly enhanced. Your coordination improves as your violin lessons Singapore teacher develops your techniques and playing finesse.

Social Benefits

As you progress with your music lessons with Musical Studio, you will start to increase your confidence naturally. When you’re playing to a crowd, you are stepping outside your comfort zone and increasing your confidence which in turn develops a great sense of accomplishment.

Our music school or teacher has positioned you into an orchestra style setting you ultimately work on your collaboration skills along with gaining a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Your social skills as you continue to learn the violin increase and you are able to discuss a mutual love for playing the violin.

Music is language that is universal, and as you develop a love for playing the violin through your violin lessons in Singapore music school, you soon understand all the special benefits you gain. Adults and children will enhance their social skills, physical abilities, and mental stamina all while playing beautiful music.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Graded and non-Graded Lessons?

The syllabus is very similar, it differs only when the student prepares for examination, which is under graded course. The student has the freedom to opt for the non-graded course and not to prepare for the exam, but study techniques and repertoire by teacher's or own choice.

What is the minimum to learn the musical instrument?

In Musical Studio, the minimum age to learn the musical instrument is at 4 years old.

Can I make special arrangement on the course timing ?

Yes, we do accommodate special request. Our teachers will try their best to make the necessary arrangement for odd timing.

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